Suspicious files

If you find a suspicious file, you can submit it for analysis to our ESET Research Lab. If it is a malicious application, its detection will be added to the next virus signature update.

Exclusion filter – The Exclusion filter allows you to exclude certain files/folders from submission. The files listed will never be sent to ESET Research Lab for analysis, even if they contain a suspicious code. For example, it may be useful to exclude files that may carry confidential information, such as documents or spreadsheets. The most common file types are excluded by default (.doc, etc.). You can add to the list of excluded files if desired.

Contact email (optional) – Your contact email can be included with any suspicious files and may be used to contact you if further information is required for analysis. Please note that you will not receive a response from ESET unless more information is needed.

Select Enable logging to create an event log to record file and statistical information submissions. This will enable logging to the Event log when files or statistics are sent.