HIPS interactive window

If the default action for a rule is set to Ask, a dialog window will be displayed each time that the rule is triggered. You can choose to Deny or Allow the operation. If you do not choose an action in the given time, a new action is selected based on the rules.


The dialog window allows you to create a rule based on any new action that HIPS detects and then define the conditions under which to allow or deny that action. Settings for the exact parameters can be accessed by clicking Details. Rules created like this are considered equal to rules created manually, so a rule created from a dialog window can be less specific than the rule that triggered that dialog window. This means that after creating such a rule, the same operation can trigger the same window.

Remember until application quits causes the action (Allow/Deny) to be used until a change of rules or filtering mode, a HIPS module update or a system restart. After any of these three actions, temporary rules will be deleted.