Trusted zone setup

It is necessary to configure Trusted zones to protect your computer in a network environment. You can allow other users to access your computer by configuring Trusted zones to allow sharing. Click Setup > Network protection > Connected networks and click the link below the connected network. A window will display options allowing you to choose the desired protection mode of your computer in the network.

Trusted zone detection occurs after ESET Internet Security installation and whenever your computer connects to a new network. Therefore, there is usually no need to define Trusted zones. By default, when a new zone is detected a dialog window will prompt you to set the protection level for that zone.



An incorrect Trusted zone configuration may pose a security risk to your computer.


By default, workstations from a Trusted zone are granted access to shared files and printers, have incoming RPC communication enabled and have remote desktop sharing available.

For more details about this feature, read the following ESET Knowledgebase article:
New network connection detected in ESET Smart Security