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Performance check

To check the current performance of your ESET Inspect database server, navigate to Dashboard > Server Status. Inspect the following event statistics:

Events processed per second—higher numbers are better

Event Packet Queue Length—lower numbers are better

If your server has a low number of Events processed per second and high number of Event Packet Queue Length, it is too busy. For example, if the packet queue is at around 500 most of the time, this means you have a performance issue. Events cannot be processed fast enough by the database, and the data is placed in a queue on the disk. View the queue by browsing to:

%PROGRAMDATA%\ESET\Inspect Server\UnprocessedEvents

If the content size of this folder is larger than 10% of available system RAM, the server stops accepting new events.

Warnings about insufficient disk space are displayed in Questions section. Also, you can monitor estimated ESET Inspect Database size in Dashboard > Events load to prevent from running out of disk space.

Other reasons why performance problems might be occurring:

Disk containing the database has less than 5% of free space remaining.

Disk containing the Temp folder has less than 10% of free space remaining.

This can cause clients running the ESET Inspect Connector to have connection issues; you will be receiving warning messages in ESET PROTECT On-Prem: “Can't connect to Enterprise Inspector Server”. Not all events will be available to you, and detections will be triggered with a delay. The clients will start caching events locally in their own temporary folders. If this folder grows above 1GB in size, the events will start getting discarded and never be received by the ESET Inspect Server.