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Log into the ESET Inspect Web Console

The ESET Inspect Web Console is accessible from any device with a compatible web browser. The ESET Inspect Web Console is a single-page application that communicates with the ESET Inspect Server via REST calls. The minimum supported screen resolution is 1280x768 pixels.

Log into the ESET Inspect Web Console using the user credentials defined in ESET PROTECT On-Prem account settings. Use the check box Log into Domain to log in as a domain user with access to the ESET PROTECT On-Prem. If required, you can enable two-factor authentication. Use the check box Remember this device to remember your trusted device when using two-factor authentication (available in the on-premises version only).


Create a new dedicated user account with appropriate permission settings. Do not use the Administrator user account you used during the installation process to log into ESET Inspect Web Console.

When you log into the ESET Inspect Web Console for the first time, initial notification windows will appear. The ESET Inspect / ESET Inspect Tour can be accessed again through Help > ESET Inspect Product Tour.

You can take advantage of the suggested options or dismiss the screens and configure them later:

Rules sets

Select which new ESET Inspect detection rules will be available for the users. These are the rules sets chosen during the installation process. You can keep or change the selection for a more suitable option based on its environment. Click Ask again later if you plan to set up rules later.

Rule learning mode

Learning mode automatically creates exclusions to adapt ESET Inspect to your network on selected computers for a specified time (learning mode period). Any detection during the learning mode is assumed to be a false positive and will create a corresponding exclusion after the learning mode period ends. Before the end of the learning period, exclusions are not visible. Click the Select Computers and select groups/computers to enable learning mode for, and choose learning mode period (one to three weeks). New auto exclusions appear in the More > Exclusions tab after the learning mode concludes. To accept or reject a newly created exclusion, go to the Questions > tab.


Select computers you can ensure not to get infiltrated by malware or otherwise compromised during the learning mode period. Doing so prevents malware from being accidentally excluded from the detection by auto exclusion created during the learning process.