Release Notes


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ESET Inspect Cloud 1.9

ADDED: Ability to Report Incident as an action available in the Rules syntax

ADDED: Ability for Endpoint Detection types to be matched in the ESET Inspect Rules (for elevation to Incident)

ADDED: Monitoring of selected Win API calls

ADDED: Canary files utilization for enhanced detection of Ransomware behaviors

ADDED: Ability to detect events of writing to and modifying multiple files

ADDED: Link between URL connections and dropped files (for improved investigation of Incidents)

ADDED: Ability to detect setting file attributes ("SetFileAttribute") on Linux

ADDED: Ability to detect and investigate a process deleting its files

ADDED: User Logout as a new action

ADDED: Submit files to LiveGuard Advanced analysis as a new action

IMPROVED: Detection of multiple similar network events in a row (previously considered as "duplicates")

IMPROVED: Signals about potentially suspicious events from Firewall and Network protection layers

NEW: Multitenancy for selective Access Rights control and targeting of e.g. Detection Rules per tenant

NEW: Integration with LiveGuard Advanced cloud sandbox

ESET Inspect Cloud 1.8

CHANGED: Moving Detection Rules evaluation from the central ESET Inspect Cloud Server to individual endpoints

CHANGED: Alignment of context menus and toolbars to match the ESET PROTECT platform

ADDED: ESET Managed Service Provider Administrator integration

ADDED: Ability to monitor SYS Files

ADDED: Ability to monitor Kernel module load/unload operations on Linux

ADDED: Instance UUID displayed in the About section

IMPROVED: Computer Reboot and Shutdown exposed to Rule engine as response actions

IMPROVED: Ability to go from Process's raw events to Computer's raw events

NEW: ISO certification achieved for ESET Inspect Cloud

ESET Inspect Cloud 1.7

CHANGED: Product renaming from ESET Enterprise Inspector to ESET Inspect Cloud

ADDED: Linux support— ESET Inspect Connector available for multiple major Linux distributions

ADDED: Ability to add Response/Remediation actions to Detection Rules via the graphical interface

ADDED: Ability to add "Kill Process" response action to Rules

ADDED: Tagging of actions done by ESET Services Representatives

ADDED: Removal of inconsistencies between ESET PROTECT platform and ESET Inspect console

ADDED: Hint (tooltip) for Trigger Event column

CHANGED: Terminal (remote PowerShell) limited to Two-Factor Authentication enabled users

IMPROVED: Improved Automatic Exclusions UI (Questions view)

IMPROVED: Remediation menu in the Detection Details view

IMPROVED: Unification of visibility for user-created objects (Searches, Tasks, Incidents)

IMPROVED: Visibility of Incident description