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Limitation of Use and Data Retention Policy


ESET Inspect currently supports up to 25,000 endpoints per instance. If more endpoints require protection, consider dividing your environment into multiple ESET Inspect and ESET PROTECT instances. For example, based on multiple physical locations or branches of your organization. Alternatively, consider utilizing the ESET Inspect On-Prem, which supports a higher number of endpoints (use the calculator to scale the ESET Inspect for your environment).

Data retention

ESET Inspect is running in lightweight mode. Thus the data collection type is set to Store most important data.

The retention period for raw events is seven days. Older records are moved permanently.

The retention period for detections is 31 days. Older records are moved permanently.


Detection is not removed if added to an incident.

Database limitations

Character limitations were implemented for all events to limit the database growth. These character limitations were set to 260.