Main functionality

Hypertext Transfer Protocol filter (HTTP)

The HTTP filter module is an HTTP 1.1 compliant special proxy server used to scan communication between HTTP clients and HTTP servers for viruses. The module receives HTTP messages from an HTTP client (a web browser application or other proxy cache) and forwards them to the HTTP server (a web server application) and vice versa. The body of the message (if available) will be scanned for viruses by the esets_http module.

The esets_http is able to act as both a transparent and a non-transparent proxy server depending on the integration of the module into the environment.

File Transfer Protocol filter (FTP)

The FTP filter module is a special transparent proxy server that scans communication between an ftp client and an ftp server for viruses. The FTP gateway module is used to scan both incoming and outgoing data transfers. Depending on the scanning results, a transferred object will be cleaned, deleted or blocked.

SafeSquid filter

The SSFI module is a plugin accessing all objects processed by the SafeSquid Proxy cache. Once an object is accessed by the plugin, it will be scanned for infiltrations by the ESETS daemon. In the case of a positive detection, SSFI blocks the appropriate source and sends a predefined template page instead. The module is supported by SafeSquid Advanced version and higher.

Internet Content Adaptation Protocol filter (ICAP)

The ICAP filter module is an ICAP 1.0 compliant special server that scans ICAP encapsulated HTTP messages from ICAP clients for viruses.