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Network Isolation

ESET Server Security provides you with an option to block network connection of your server called network isolation. In some extreme scenarios, you may want to isolate a server from the network as preventive measure. For example, if you found the server has been infected with a malware or the machine has otherwise been compromised.

By activating the network isolation, all network traffic is blocked except the following:

Connectivity to the Domain Controller remains

ESET Server Security is still able to communicate

If present, ESET Management Agent and ESET Inspect Connector can communicate over the network

Activate and deactivate network isolation using eShell command or ESET PROTECT client task.


In interactive mode:

Activate network isolation: network advanced set status-isolation enable

Deactivate network isolation: network advanced set status-isolation disable


Alternatively, you can create and run a batch file using Batch / Script mode.


Activate network isolation via client task.

Deactivate network isolation via client task.

When network isolation is activated, ESET Server Security status changes to red with a message Network access blocked.