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Key Features

The following table provides a list of features that are available in the ESET Server Security. ESET Server Security supports most editions of Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, 2012, 2016, 2019 and 2022 in standalone and clustered environments. In larger networks, you can use ESET PROTECT to remotely manage ESET Server Security.

True 64-bit product core

Adding higher performance and stability to the product core components.


An award-winning and innovative defense against malware. This leading-edge technology prevents from attacks and eliminates all types of threats, including viruses, ransomware, rootkits, worms and spyware with cloud-powered scanning for even better detection rates. With a small footprint, it is light on the system resources not compromising its performance. It uses layered security model. Each layer, or a phase, has a number of core technologies. Pre-execution phase has technologies such as UEFI Scanner, Network Attack Protection, Reputation & Cache, In-product Sandbox, DNA Detections. Execution phase technologies are Exploit Blocker, Ransomware Shield, Advanced Memory Scanner and Script Scanner (AMSI), and Post-execution phase uses Botnet Protection, Cloud Malware Protection System and Sandboxing. This feature-rich set of core technologies provides an unrivaled level of protection.

OneDrive scan

This is a new feature added possibility to scan files placed in OneDrive cloud storage. For Office 365 business account.

Hyper-V scan

Is a new technology that allows for scanning of Virtual Machine (VM) disks on Microsoft Hyper-V Server without the need of any "Agent" on the specific VM.

ESET LiveGuard Advanced

ESET Cloud-based service. When ESET Server Security detects suspicious code, or behavior, it prevents from further threat activity by temporarily putting it into the ESET LiveGuard Advanced quarantine. A suspicious sample is automatically submitted to ESET LiveGuard Advanced server for analysis by advanced malware detection engines. Your ESET Server Security then receives a result of the analysis. Suspicious file is dealt with depending on the result.

ESET Cluster

ESET Cluster allows for management of multiple servers from a single location. Joining workstations to nodes will offer additional automation of management due to the ability to distribute one configuration policy across all cluster members. The creation of clusters themselves is possible using the node installed, which can then install and initiates all nodes remotely. ESET server products are able to communicate with each other and exchange data such as configuration and notifications, as well as synchronize data necessary for proper operation of a group of product instances. This allows for the same configuration of the product for all members of a cluster. Windows Failover Clusters and Network Load Balancing (NLB) Clusters are supported by ESET Server Security. Additionally, you can add ESET Cluster members manually without the need for a specific Windows Cluster. ESET Clusters work in both domain and workgroup environments.

Automatic exclusions

Automatic detection and exclusion of critical applications and server files for smooth operation and performance.

Processes exclusions

Excludes specific processes from Anti-Malware on-access scanning. Anti-Malware on-access scanning may cause conflicts in certain situations, for example during a backup process or live migrations of virtual machines. Processes exclusions help minimize the risk of such potential conflicts and improve the performance of excluded applications, which in turn has a positive effect on the overall performance and stability of the whole system. The exclusion of a process / application is an exclusion of its executable file (.exe).

eShell (ESET Shell)

eShell 2.0 is a command line interface that offers advanced users and administrators more comprehensive options to manage ESET server products.


Offers better integration with ESET PROTECT, including scheduling an On-demand scan. For more information, see ESET PROTECT Online Help.

Component-based installation

Customizes installation to contain only selected product parts.