Malware scans

This section provides options to select scanning parameters.


This scan profile selector applies to On-demand scan, Hyper-V scan and OneDrive scan.

A particular set of parameters used by the On-demand scanner. You can use one of the pre-defined scan profile or create a new profile. The scan profiles use different ThreatSense engine parameters.

To create a new one, click Edit. Type name for profile and click Add. New profile will be displayed in the Selected profile drop-down menu that lists existing scan profiles.

To scan a specific target, click Edit and choose an option from drop-down menu or selecting specific targets from the folder (tree) structure.

Modify scan parameters for the On-demand computer scanner.

Reporting is performed by detection engine and the machine learning component.

The Hyper-V scan pop-up window:


The Scan targets for Hyper-V drop-down menu allows you to select pre-defined scan targets:

By profile settings

Selects targets set in the selected scan profile.

All virtual machines

Selects all virtual machines.

Powered on virtual machines

Selects all online VMs.

Powered off virtual machines

Selects all offline VMs.

No selection

Clears all selections.

Click Scan to execute the scan using the custom parameters that you have set. After all scans are finished, check Log files > Hyper-V scan.