Detection engine

Antivirus and antispyware protection protects against malicious system attacks by scanning files, emails and network communication. If a threat is detected, the Antivirus module can eliminate it by first blocking it and then cleaning, deleting or moving it to quarantine.

Scanner options

For all protection modules (for example Real-time file system protection, Web access protection, etc.), Scanner options allows you to enable or disable detection of the following:

Potentially unwanted applications (PUAs)

A Potentially unwanted application is a software with an intent not unequivocally malicious, however it may install additional unwanted software, change the behavior of the digital device, perform activities not approved or expected by the user or has unclear objectives.
This category includes: advertising display software, download wrappers, various browser toolbars, software with misleading behavior, bundleware, trackware, etc.
Read more about these types of applications in the glossary exlink.

Potentially unsafe applications

This classification is given for commercial, legitimate software that might be misused for malicious purposes. An unsafe application refers to legitimate commercial software that has the potential to be misused for malicious purposes.
This category includes: cracking tools, license key generators, hacking tools, remote access or control tools, password-cracking applications and keyloggers (programs that record each keystroke typed by a user). This option is disabled by default.
Read more about these types of applications in the glossary exlink.

Potentially suspicious applications

Is a software compressed with packers exlink or protectors frequently used to deter reverse engineering or to obfuscate the content of the executable (for example, to hide the presence of malware) by proprietary methods of compression and/or encryption.
This category includes: all unknown applications that are compressed with a packer or protector frequently used to compress malware.

Enable Initial scan

Enables you to scan a full system after product installation and updates to detect existing malware and speed up future system scans. This scan can be paused or canceled from Scan main window as other scans.

Anti-Stealth protection

Is a sophisticated system providing detection of dangerous programs, such as rootkits exlink, which are able to hide themselves from the operating system. This means it is not possible to detect them using ordinary testing techniques.

Enables you to exclude specific processes. For example, processes of the backup solution, all file operations attributed to such excluded process are ignored and considered safe, thus minimizing the interference with the backup process.

Enables you to exclude files and folders from scanning. To ensure that all objects are scanned for threats, we recommend only creating exclusions when it is absolutely necessary. Situations where you may need to exclude an object might include scanning large database entries that would slow your computer during a scan or software that conflicts with the scan.