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Cluster wizard - Nodes install

When installing to a remote machine during ESET Cluster initialization, the wizard will attempt to locate the installer in the directory %ProgramData%\ESET\ESET Security\Installer. If the installer package is not found there, you will be asked to locate the installer file.



When trying to use the automatic remote installation for a node with different architecture (32-bit versus 64-bit), this will be detected, and you will be prompted to perform manual installation.


Once you have correctly configured the ESET Cluster, it will appear in Setup > Server page as enabled.


If an older version of ESET Server Security is already installed on some nodes, you will be notified that the latest version is required on these machines. Updating ESET Server Security may cause an automatic restart.

Additionally, you can check its current status from the Cluster status page (Tools > Cluster).