Release notes

ESET File Security 8 for Linux version 8.x

New: Process Exclusions

New: SecureBoot support

New: Amazon Linux and Oracle Linux support

New: Protection status configuration

New: Activation with business account credentials

New: Detection exclusions wizard

New: Submit sample for analysis

New: Support for EncFS

Improved: Capability of command line utilities for use with future Remote Monitoring & Management integration

Improved: Admin can submit a sample for analysis directly from the Quarantine section

Improved: Admin can copy a hash of quarantine section using the dropdown menu

Improved: A column with a hash of a file is shown for all quarantined items

Improved: Content of quarantine section is translated to supported languages

Improved: Confirmation dialog appears when doing actions with quarantined files

Improved: WebGUI user experience and polishing

Fixed: Product activation through a proxy server returns "Activation successful", but the product remains not activated

Fixed: In some scenarios product is unable to send log to the logging service

Fixed: Exclusions ending without "/" works differently for real-time scan and on-demand scan.

Fixed: Error requiring kernel headers when HWE kernel is used on Ubuntu

Other bug fixes and minor optimizations

Removed: Redhat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6 and CentOS 6 support