Each selected status in Setup > User interface > Display in Protection status > Edit displays a notification in Dashboard > Protection status if the related module is disabled, non-functional, or missing.



Not selected status is muted in Protection status. All changes apply only locally.

Display statuses in ESET PROTECT

To display statuses in ESET PROTECT when managing ESET File Security 8 for Linux remotely:

1.In  ESET PROTECT click Policies > New policy and type a name for the policy.

2.Click Settings and select ESET File/Server Security for Linux (V7+) from the drop-down menu.

3.Click User interface > User interface elements.

4.Click Edit next to Send to ESET PROTECT.

5.Select the appropriate statuses and click OK.

6.Click Save in each dialog where you made a change, and then click Finish.