On-demand scanner

The On-demand scanner can be started by a privileged user (usually a system administrator) through the command line interface, web interface or by the operating system’s automatic scheduling tool (e.g., cron). The term On-demand refers to file system objects which are scanned on user or system demand.

The On-demand scanner does not require special configuration in order to run. After the ESETS package has been properly installed and a valid license has been moved to the license keys directory (@ETCDIR@/license), the On-demand scanner can be run immediately using the command line interface or the Scheduler tool. To run the On-demand scanner from the command line, use the following syntax:

@SBINDIR@/esets_scan [option(s)] FILES

where FILES is a list of directories and/or files to be scanned.

Multiple command line options are available using ESETS On-demand scanner. To see the full list of options, please see the esets_scan(8) man page.