To ensure that the Dazuko module loads prior to initialization of the esets_dac daemon, follow these steps:

Place a copy of the Dazuko module in either of the following directories reserved for kernel modules:




Use the kernel utilities ‘depmod’ and ‘modprobe’ (For BSD OS, use ‘kldconfig’ and ‘kldload’) to handle dependencies and successfully initialize the newly added Dazuko module.

In the esets_daemon initialization script ‘/etc/init.d/esets_daemon’, insert the following line before the daemon initialization statement:

/sbin/modprobe dazuko

For BSD OS’s the line

/sbin/kldconfig dazuko

must be inserted into the ‘/usr/local/etc/rc.d/’ script.

Warning! It is extremely important that these steps are executed in the exact order given. If the kernel module is not located within the kernel modules directory it will not properly load, causing the system to hang.