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Remote installation

Remote installation of ESET Endpoint Security for Android from ESET PROTECT On-Prem requires the following:

Mobile Device Connector installation

Mobile devices enrollment

ESET Endpoint Security for Android installation scenarios

The administrator emails the enrollment link, installation APK file and an installation process to the end-users. The user taps the enrollment link and is redirected to their default Android internet browser. The device ESET Endpoint Security for Android is enrolled and connected to ESET PROTECT On-Prem. If ESET Endpoint Security for Android is not installed on the device, the user is redirected to the Google Play store to download the application. After the application is downloaded, a standard installation follows.

The administrator emails the application settings file, installation APK file and an installation process to the end-users. After the installation, the user must open the application settings file. All the settings are imported, and the application is activated (provided the license information was included).

Enrollment of devices with limited input possibilities

ESET Endpoint Security for Android enables you to enroll devices without a camera, browser or email (for example, TVs, smart displays, advertisement displays, etc.) to ESET PROTECT. To enroll such devices, install ESET Endpoint Security for Android on the device via Google Play or the APK file. During the start-up wizard in the Remote management step, select Yes, manage remotely and tap Limited-input device.


1.Click Computers > Add device > Android or iOS/iPadOS > Customize enrollment.

2.Select Android devices with limited input options and select your preferred distribution method. You can learn more about the distribution methods in the ESET PROTECT console.

3.Accept the End User License Agreement and acknowledge the Privacy Policy.

4.If this is a new device, click Add. Fill in all required information and click Save. If you are adding an existing device, select the applicable device.

5.You receive an enrollment link for the device. Click the link, and type the six-digit security code displayed in the Remote management section of the start-up wizard.

6.Click Accept.

The device is enrolled in ESET PROTECT.

Device re-enrollment

If your mobile device has stopped connecting, you can re-enroll it via email or QR code if you have physical access to device.


Device re-enrollment

For visual instructions on how to re-enroll your device, read our Knowledgebase article.