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Blocking by application name

ESET Endpoint Security for Android gives administrators the option to block an application according to its name or the package name. The Blocking rules section provides an overview of the created rules and the list of blocked applications.

To modify an existing rule, touch and hold the rule and then tap Edit action_button_edit . To remove rule entries from the list, touch and hold one of the entries, select the ones you want to remove and then tap Remove action_button_delete . To clear the entire list, tap SELECT ALL and then tap Remove action_button_delete.

When you block an application by name, ESET Endpoint Security for Android will look for the exact match with a name of launched application. If you change the ESET Endpoint Security for Android GUI to a different language, you must reenter the application name in that language to continue blocking it.

To avoid any issues with localized application names, we recommend that you block such applications by their package names—a unique application identifier that cannot be changed during runtime or reused by another application.

In the case of a local administrator, a user can find the application package name in Application Control > Monitoring > Allowed applications. After tapping the application, the Detail screen will display the application package name. To block the application, follow these steps.