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Remote commands

Remote commands can be triggered directly from ESET PROTECT On-Prem Console:

Find device

You will receive a text message with the GPS coordinates of the target device, including a link to its location on Google maps. The device will send a new SMS if a more precise location is available after 10 minutes.

Lock device

This will lock the device—you will be able to unlock it using the Admin password or the Unlock remote command.

Unlock locked device

The device will be unlocked and the SIM card currently in the device will be saved as a Trusted SIM.

Siren/Lost Mode sound

The device will be locked and it will play a very loud sound for 5 minutes (or until unlocked). A loud siren will play even if the device is set to mute.

Enhanced factory reset

This will reset the device to its factory settings. All accessible data will be erased and file headers will be removed. The process can take several minutes.


Device lock feature is only available for devices managed by ESET PROTECT.