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Local installation on the device

ESET Endpoint Security for Android provides administrators with an option to setup and manage Endpoint locally if they choose not to use ESET PROTECT. All application settings are protected by Admin password so the application is under full administration control at all times.

If the administrator in a small company decides not to use ESET PROTECT but he still wants to protect corporate devices and apply basic security policies, he has two options on how to manage the devices locally:

1.Physical access to each company device and a manual configuration of the settings.

2.Administrator can prepare desired configuration on his Android device (with ESET Endpoint Security for Android installed) and export these settings to a file – see the Import/Export settings section of this guide for more info). Administrator can share the exported file with the end-users (for example via email) – they can import the file to any device running ESET Endpoint Security for Android. When the user opens and accepts the received settings file, it will automatically import all the settings and activate the application (provided the license information was included). All the settings will be protected by Admin password.