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Automatic Scans

Scan Level

There are 2 different scan levels to choose from. This setting will apply to both On-Charger Scan and Scheduled Scan:

Smart - Smart Scan will scan installed applications, DEX files (executable files for Android OS), SO files (libraries) and ZIP files with a maximum scanning depth of 3 nested archives and SD card content.

In-depth - all file types regardless of their extension will be scanned both in internal memory and SD card.

On-Charger Scan

When this is selected, the scan will start automatically when the device is in an idle state (fully charged and connected to a charger).

Scheduled Scan

Scheduled Scan allows you to run a Device scan automatically at a pre-defined time. To schedule a scan, tap switch_off next to Scheduled Scan and specify the dates and times for the scan to be launched. By default, Monday 4 am is selected.