What's new in version 2

ESET SMS Tool support

ESET SMS Tool allows you to use the ESET features that require SMS and Call services permissions such as Call Filter or SMS commands.

ESET Business Account support

From version 2.7.X ESET Endpoint Security for Android can be activated using ESET Business Account (EBA)

Native x64bit devices support.

Application Control

Application Control allows administrators to monitor installed applications, block access to defined applications and lower the risk of exposure by prompting users to uninstall certain applications. See the Application Control section of this guide for more info.

Device Security

Device security allows administrators to execute basic security policies across multiple mobile devices. For example, the administrator can:

set the minimum security level and complexity of screen lock codes

set maximum number of failed unlock attempts

set the duration after which users must change their screen lock code

set the lock screen timer

restrict camera usage


See the Device Security section of this guide for more info.

Import and export of settings

To easily share settings from one mobile device with another if the devices are not managed by ESET PROTECT, ESET Endpoint Security for Android version 2 introduces the option to export and import program settings. The administrator can manually export device settings to a file which can then be shared (for example, via email) and imported to any device running the client application. When the user accepts the received settings file, it automatically defines all settings and activates the application (provided the license information was included). All settings are protected by the administrator password.


This feature protects users from accessing malicious web sites when using supported web browsers (default Android browser and Chrome).

Anti-Phishing technology protects users from attempts to acquire passwords, banking data and other sensitive information by illegitimate websites impersonating legitimate ones. When a device attempts to access a URL, ESET Anti-Phishing compares it against the ESET database of known phishing sites. If a match is found, connection to the URL is aborted and a warning message is displayed.

Notification center

ESET Endpoint Security for Android provides users with one unified notification center where they can find all notifications regarding application features that require their attention. Notification center will provide information about various events, the reasons why they are not compliant with company policies and what should be done to fulfill these requirements. Notifications are organized according to priority, with higher priority notifications displayed at the top of the list.

Managed upgrade of a product to a newer build

Systems administrators using ESET PROTECT or who do not want to upgrade ESET Endpoint Security for Android to the latest version as soon as it becomes available have the option to control the update mechanism.

Setup wizards

ESET Endpoint Security for Android offers post-installation Setup Wizards for selected features to make the process more straightforward.

Improved Antivirus

Improved Real-time (On-access) scan times

Integrated ESET LiveGrid®

2 levels of scanning—Smart and In-depth

On-demand scanner enhancements—background scanning, pause scan

Scheduled scanning—a full-device scan can be scheduled by the administrator

On-charger scan—a scan will start automatically when the device is in an idle state (fully charged and connected to a charger)

Enhanced detection modules configuration–the administrator can specify the timing of regular updates and select the update server that devices use (release server, pre-release server, local mirror)

Detailed logs with scan results are sent to ESET PROTECT. ESET Endpoint Security for Android version 2 includes features from ESET Endpoint Security for Android version 1, like detection of potentially unsafe applications, detection of potentially unwanted applications and USSD Control.

Improved Anti-Theft

Anti-Theft features allow administrators to protect and locate a device if it is lost or stolen. Anti-Theft measures can be triggered from ESET PROTECT, or via Remote commands.

ESET Endpoint Security for Android version 2 uses the same Remote commands from version 1 (Lock, Wipe and Find). The following entirely new commands have been added:

Unlockunlocks the locked device

Enhanced Factory resetall accessible data on the device will be quickly removed (file headers will be destroyed) and the device will be reset to its default factory settings

Sirenthe lost device will be locked and it will play a very loud sound even if the device is set to mute


To strengthen the security of Remote commands, the administrator will receive a unique and time-limited verification SMS code on his mobile phone (at the number defined in the Admin contacts list) when he executes a Remote command. This verification code will be used to verify a particular command.

Anti-Theft commands from ESET PROTECT

Anti-Theft commands can now be performed from ESET PROTECT as well. The new mobile device management functionality allows the administrator to send Anti-Theft commands in just a few clicks. Tasks are immediately submitted for execution via the Mobile Device Connector component that is now a part of ESET PROTECT infrastructure.

Admin Contacts

This is the List of administrator phone numbers protected by the admin password. Anti-Theft commands can only be sent from trusted numbers.

Display message from ESET PROTECT

When managing devices remotely, the administrator can send a custom message to a particular device or a group of devices. This helps to communicate an urgent message to the users of managed devices. The message will be displayed in a form of a pop-up, so the user will not miss it.

Lock screen custom information

The administrator is able to define custom information (company name, email address, message) which will be displayed when the device is locked, with the option to call one of the pre-defined admin contacts.

Improved remote management

It is now possible to configure and set all application settings via remote policy, from Antivirus, Call filter and Device Security settings to Application Control restrictions, etc. This allows administrators to enforce company security policy on the entire network, including mobile devices.

ESET Endpoint Security for Android version 2 offers much improved reporting visible from ESET PROTECT Web Console. This allows administrators to promptly identify problematic devices and find the source of the problem.

Management of Android devices is now an integral part of ESET PROTECT with nearly all of the same functions available for ESET desktop products like ESET Endpoint Antivirus and ESET Endpoint Security.

Local administration

ESET Endpoint Security for Android provides administrators with the option to setup and manage endpoints locally if they choose not to use ESET PROTECT. All application settings are protected by Admin password so the application is under full control at all times.

Improved distribution and installation of the product

In addition to traditional installation methods (download and install a package from ESET website, distribute the installation package via email), administrators and users have the option to download and install the application from the Google Play store.

Improved activation of the product

After download and installation, the administrator or user has several options to activate the product:

They can utilize the new licensing options and manually enter the License key or Security admin account.

They can click on the link sent in an email from the administrator. The product will configure ESET PROTECT connection automatically and license information will be pushed to the device from ESET PROTECT.

The administrator can manually enter ESET PROTECT connection information.

Importing the file containing the application settings (with the license information included) will subsequently activate the application.

Improved identification of the mobile device in ESET PROTECT

During the enrollment process, Android devices are whitelisted, so that only authorized devices can connect to ESET PROTECT. This improves security and also simplifies individual device identification—each mobile device is identified by its name, description and IMEI. WiFi only devices are identified by their WiFi MAC address.

Redesigned Graphic User Interface

ESET Endpoint Security for Android delivers an enhanced user experience similar to the one featured across all ESET solutions for business customers.

Ease of use

Thanks to the new user interface the product is easier to navigate and use. The structure of the GUI matches the new generation of ESET Endpoint solutions and ESET PROTECT.