Create user-defined task

A few special parameters must be defined when you select User-defined as the task type from the Run task drop-down menu.

The date and time of a User-defined task must be entered in year-extended cron format (a string comprising 6 fields separated by white space):

minute(0-59) hour(0-23) day of month(1-31) month(1-12) year(1970-2099) day of week(0-7)(Sunday = 0 or 7)



30 6 22 3 2012 4

The following special characters are supported in cron expressions:

asterisk (*) – Matches any character. For example, an asterisk in the third field (day of month) means every day.

hyphen (-) – Defines ranges, for example, 3-9.

comma (,) – Separates items of a list, for example, 1,3,7,8.

slash (/) – Defines increments of ranges, for example, 3-28/5 in the third field (day of month) means the third day of the month and then every 5 days.

Day names (Monday-Sunday) and month names (January-December) are not supported.


User defined tasks

If you define a day of the month and a day of the week, the command only executes when both fields match.