Device control

ESET Endpoint Security for macOS enables you to scan, block, or adjust extended filters and permissions and define a user's ability to access and work with a given memory device. This is useful if the computer administrator wants to prevent the use of devices containing unsolicited content.


Device control on macOS 11 and later

ESET Endpoint Security for macOS installed on macOS 11 and later scans only memory devices (such as USB drives, CD/DVD, and so on).

Supported external devices on macOS 10.15 and older include:

Disk storage (HDD, USB flash drive)


USB printer

Imaging device

Serial port


Portable device

If a device blocked by an existing rule is inserted, a notification window is displayed and access to the device is not granted.

The Device Control Log records all incidents that trigger device control. You can view log entries from the main program window of ESET Endpoint Security for macOS in Tools > Log files.