Enable full disk access locally

On macOS 10.14 you will receive a Your computer is partially protected notification from ESET Endpoint Security for macOS. To access all ESET Endpoint Security for macOS functions, you must enable full disk access to ESET Endpoint Security for macOS:

1.Click Open System preferences in the alert dialog window.

2.Click the lock icon at the bottom left to allow changes in the settings window.

3.Use your Touch ID or click Use Password and type your User Name and Password, and then click Unlock.

4.Select ESET Endpoint Security for macOS.app from the list.

5.A restart  ESET Endpoint Security for macOS notification is displayed. Click Later.

6.Select ESET Real-time File System Protection from the list.


ESET Real-time File System Protection not present

If the Real-time File System Protection option is not in the list, you must enable system extensions for your ESET product.

7.Click Start Again in the ESET Endpoint Security for macOS alert dialog window or restart your computer. For more detailed information, see the ESET Knowledgebase article.