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Network authentication - Server configuration

The authentication process can be executed by any computer/server connected to the network that is to be authenticated. The ESET Authentication Server application needs to be installed on a computer/server that is always accessible for authentication whenever a client attempts to connect to the network. The installation file for the ESET Authentication Server application is available for download on ESET’s website.

After you install the ESET Authentication Server application, a dialog window will appear (you can access the application by clicking Start > Programs > ESET > ESET Authentication Server).

To configure the authentication server, enter the authentication network name, the server listening port (default is 80) as well as the location to store the public and private key pair. Next, generate the public and private key that will be used in the authentication process. The private key will remain on the server while the public key needs to be imported on the client side in the Network authentication section when setting up a network in the firewall setup.