What's new in this version?

ESET Endpoint Security 9 has been released and is available to download.

Automatic updates

ensures that you always use the latest product version

a smart solution to reducing maintenance of ESET Endpoint Security to a bare minimum

enabled by default and using Micro Program Component Update

does not reinstall the product with all downsides like deregistering from the system during the process, including configuration transfer

downloads less data (differential update)

comes with a friendly or completely suppressible reminder for the user and is compatible with managed networks

Associated End User License Agreement (EULA) amendments

a new EULA is presented independently of the installation process using an informative element in the console or in the ESET Endpoint Security user interface

simplifies the process of product auto-update and makes your user experience better, as you will no longer need to accept EULA each time your ESET product is updated to a newer version

Brute-Force Attack protection

as a part of redesigned Network Attack protection, Brute-Force attack protection inspects the content of network traffic and blocks attempts of password-guessing attacks

repeated attempts with the source IP address are tracked, and a log entry is created in the Temporary IP address blacklist, which helps to monitor the situation

after a certain period of time, the misbehaving source IP address can be eventually released from the blacklist if the connection is legitimate

configurable in large networks

Native ARM64 build

version 9 offers an ARM64 build


This release comes with various bug fixes and performance improvements.

For additional information and screenshots about the new features in ESET Endpoint Security please read the following ESET Knowledgebase article:

What's new in ESET Endpoint Security 9?