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Scan targets

The scan targets window enables you to define which objects (memory, drives, sectors, files and folders) are scanned for infiltrations.

The Scan targets drop-down menu enables you to select pre-defined scan targets.

  • By profile settings – Selects targets specified by the selected scan profile.
  • Removable media – Selects diskettes, USB storage devices, CD/DVD.
  • Local drives – Selects all system hard drives.
  • Network drives – Selects all mapped network drives.
  • Custom selection – Cancels all previous selections.

The folder (tree) structure also contains specific scan targets.

  • Operating memory – Scans all processes and data currently used by operating memory.
  • Boot sectors/UEFI – Scans Boot sectors and UEFI for the presence of malware. Read more about the UEFI scanner in the glossary.
  • WMI database – Scans the whole Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) database, all namespaces, class instances, and properties. Searches for references to infected files or malware embedded as data.
  • System registry – Scans the whole system registry, all keys and subkeys. Searches for references to infected files or malware embedded as data. When cleaning the detections, the reference remains in the registry to ensure no important data will be lost.

To quickly navigate to a scan target (file or folder), type its path into the text field below the tree structure. The path is case-sensitive. To include the target in the scan, select its check box in the tree structure.