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Removable media

ESET Endpoint Security provides automatic removable media (CD/DVD/USB/...) scanning when inserted into a computer. This may be useful if the computer administrator wants to prevent the users from using removable media with unsolicited content.

When a removable media is inserted, and Show scan options is set in ESET Endpoint Security, the following dialog will be shown:


Options for this dialog:

  • Scan now – This will trigger a scan of removable media.
  • Do not scan No action will be performed.

In addition, ESET Endpoint Security features the Device control functionality, where you can define rules for external devices on a given computer. More details on Device control can be found in the Device control section.

To access settings for removable media scan, open Advanced setup (F5) > User interface > Alerts and message boxes > Interactive alerts > List of interactive alerts > Edit > New device detected.

If Ask user is not selected, choose the action to perform when inserting a removable media into a computer:

  • Do not scan – No action will be performed, and the New device detected window will not open.
  • Automatic device scan – A computer scan of the inserted removable media device will be performed.
  • Forced device scan—A computer scan of the inserted removable media device will be performed and cannot be canceled.
  • Show scan options – Opens the Interactive alerts setup section.