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List of known certificates

The List of known certificates can be used to customize ESET Endpoint Security behavior for specific SSL certificates, and to remember actions chosen if Interactive mode is selected in SSL/TLS protocol filtering mode. The list can be viewed and edited in Advanced setup (F5) > Web and email > SSL/TLS > List of known certificates.

The List of known certificates window consists of:


Name – Name of the certificate.

Certificate issuer – Name of the certificate creator.

Certificate subject – The subject field identifies the entity associated with the public key stored in the subject public key field.

Access – Select Allow or Block/Access action to allow/block communication secured by this certificate regardless of its trustworthiness. Select Auto to allow trusted certificates and ask for untrusted ones. Select Ask to always ask user what to do.

Scan – Select Scan or Ignore as the Scan action to scan or ignore communication secured by this certificate. Select Auto to scan in automatic mode and ask in interactive mode. Select Ask to always ask the user what to do.

Control elements

Add – A certificate can be loaded manually as a file with the extension .cer, .crt or .pem. Click File to upload a local certificate or click URL to specify the location of a certificate online.

Edit – Select the certificate that you want to configure and click Edit.

Delete – Select the certificate that you want to delete and click Remove.

OK/Cancel – Click OK if you want to save changes or click Cancel to exit without saving.