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Profiles assigned to network adapters

By switching profiles you can quickly make multiple changes to firewall behavior. Custom rules can be set and applied for particular profiles. Network adapter entries for all adapters present on the machine are added to the list of Network adapters automatically.


Name – Name of the network adapter.

Default firewall profile – The default profile is used when the network you are connected to has no configured profile, or your network adapter is set not to use a network profile.

Prefer network's profile – Network adapter can use firewall profile configured for the connected known network. If that network has no configured profile, or network adapter is set up not to use the network's profile, then adapter's default profile is used.

Control elements

Add – Adds a new network adapter.

Edit – Allows you to edit an existing network adapter.

Delete – Select a network adapter and click Delete if you want to remove a network adapter from the list.

OK/Cancel – Click OK if you want to save changes or click Cancel to leave without any changes.