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Interactive alerts


Looking for information about common alerts and notifications?

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The Interactive alerts section under Notifications allows you to configure how detections, where a decision is needed to be made by a user (e.g., potential phishing websites) are handled by ESET Endpoint Security.


Interactive alerts

Interactive alert windows are displayed if a detection is found, or if user intervention is required.

Display interactive alerts

  • For unmanaged users, we recommend this option is left in its default setting (enabled).
  • For managed users, keep this setting enabled and select a pre-defined action for users in the List of interactive alerts.

Disabling Display interactive alerts will hide all alert windows and in-browser dialogs. A pre-defined default action will be automatically selected (e.g., "potential phishing website" will be blocked).

Message boxes

To close pop-up windows automatically after a certain period of time, select Close message boxes automatically. If they are not closed manually, alert windows are automatically closed after the specified time period elapses.

Confirmation messages – Shows you a list of confirmation messages that you can select to display or not to display.