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How to activate Remote monitoring and management

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) is the process of supervising and controlling software systems (such as those on desktops, servers and mobile devices) using a locally installed agent that can be accessed by a management service provider. ESET Endpoint Security can be managed by RMM from the version 6.6.2028.0.


By default, ESET RMM is disabled. To enable ESET RMM, press F5 to access Advanced setup, click Tools, expand ESET RMM and turn on the switch next to Enable RMM.

Working mode – Select Safe operations only if you want to enable RMM interface for safe and read only operations. Select All operations if you want to enable RMM interface for all operations.


Mode Safe operations only

Mode All operations

Get application info

Get configuration

Get license info

Get logs

Get protection status

Get update status

Set configuration


Start activation


Start scan

Start update

Authorization method – Set the RMM authorization method. To use authorization, select Application path from the drop-down menu, otherwise select None.


RMM should always use authorization to prevent malicious software from disabling or circumventing ESET Endpoint protection.

Application paths – Specific application which is allowed to run RMM. If you have selected Application path as an authorization method, click Edit to open the Allowed RMM application paths configuration window.


Add – Create a new allowed RMM application path. Enter the path or click the button to select an executable.

Edit – Modify an existing allowed path. Use Edit if the location of the executable has changed to another folder.

Delete – Delete an existing allowed path.


Default ESET Endpoint Security installation contains file ermm.exe located in Endpoint application directory (default path C:\Program Files\ESET\ESET Security). The file ermm.exe exchange data with RMM Plugin, which communicates with RMM Agent, linked to a RMM Server.

  • ermm.exe – command line utility developed by ESET that allows managing of Endpoint products and communication with any RMM Plugin.
  • RMM Plugin is a third party application running locally on Endpoint Windows system. The plugin was designed to communicate with specific RMM Agent (e.g. Kaseya only) and with ermm.exe.
  • RMM Agent is a third party application (e.g. from Kaseya) running locally on Endpoint Windows system. Agent communicates with RMM Plugin and with RMM Server.