What's new in this version?

ESET Endpoint Security 8 has been released and is available to download.


Secure browser

protects a web-browser against other processes running on the computer

zero-trust approach and assumes that the computer or its protection capabilities are compromised or insufficient and does not allow to tamper with the browser’s memory space and consequently with the content of the browser window

is not active by default so that administrators have enough time to leverage the potential in their security policies

WMI and full registry scan

improving the registry scanning that can discover and eliminate malicious references or dangerous content anywhere in the registry or WMI repository

the inspection can take some time; these scan targets need to be selected for all on-demand scans, even for the “in-depth” scanning profile

Micro Program Component Update (Feature update)

a smart solution to reducing maintenance of ESET Endpoint Security to a bare minimum

MicroPCU can wait for a reboot for weeks

does not reinstall the product with all downsides like deregistering from the system during the process, including configuration transfer

downloads less data (differential update)

comes with a friendly or completely suppressible reminder for the user and is compatible with managed networks

Security and stability updates

security and stability updates will be distributed automatically to supported versions (7.x and newer), which contain only essential modifications that will be documented with absolute transparency in remarkable change logs


This release comes with various bug fixes and performance improvements.

For additional information and screenshots about the new features in ESET Endpoint Security please read the following ESET Knowledgebase article:

What's new in ESET Endpoint Security 8?