Import and export settings

You can import or export your customized ESET Endpoint Security .xml configuration file from the Setup menu.

Importing and exporting of configuration files is useful if you need to backup your current configuration of ESET Endpoint Security for use at a later time. The export settings option is also convenient for users who want to use their preferred configuration on multiple systems, they can easily import an .xml file to transfer these settings.

Importing a configuration is very easy. In the main program window click Setup > Import/Export settings, and then select Import settings. Enter the file name of the configuration file or click the ... button to browse for the configuration file you want to import.

The steps to export a configuration are very similar. In the main program window, click Setup > Import/Export settings. Select Export settings and enter the file name of the configuration file (i.e. export.xml). Use the browser to select a location on your computer to save the configuration file.


You may encounter an error while exporting settings if you do not have enough rights to write the exported file to specified directory.