How to resolve incompatibility issues with your operating system


You will lose the protection due to an outdated version of the operating system.

It is not possible to install ESET endpoint products released after November 12, 2019 on some older versions of Windows operating systems (see below). The previous versions of ESET Endpoint product (7.0, 7.1) will not be functional.

Microsoft Windows Support Policy and ESET products

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Upgrade your operating system

Existing customers may upgrade to some of the latest version of operating system.

Check the expander below for your version of the operating system related to your ESET Endpoint Security version.

hmtoggle_plus0 Windows XP

hmtoggle_plus0 Windows Vista

hmtoggle_plus0 Windows 7

hmtoggle_plus0 Windows 8, 8.1, 10



We strongly suggest upgrading to the latest version. Read the following ESET Knowledgebase article to determine which ESET product do you have and whether you have the latest version of ESET Endpoint Antivirus/ESET Endpoint Security 7.x.