Interactive alerts

This section outlines several interactive alert windows that ESET Endpoint Security will display before any action is performed.

To adjust behavior for configurable interactive alerts, navigate to User interface > Alerts and message boxes > List of interactive alerts of the ESET Endpoint Security Advanced setup tree and click Edit.



Useful for managed environments where the administrator can deselect Ask user everywhere and select a pre-defined action applied when interactive alert windows are displayed.

Also see in-product application statuses.


Check other help sections for reference to a specific interactive alert window:

Removable media

New device detected

Network protection

Network access blocked is displayed when the Isolate computer from network client task of this workstation from ESMC is triggered.

Network communication blocked

Network threat blocked

Web browser alerts

Potentially unwanted content found

Website blocked because of phishing


Presence of these alerts will change the user interface to orange:

Restart computer (required)

Restart computer (recommended)



Interactive alerts do not contain Detection engine, HIPS or Firewall interactive windows - as their behavior can be configured individually in the specific feature.