What's new in version 6

The graphical user interface of ESET Endpoint Security has been completely redesigned to provide better visibility and a more intuitive user experience. Some of the many improvements included in ESET Endpoint Security version 6 include:

Functional and usability improvements

Web control – Define a single rule for multiple URLs, or define different policies for different network locations. "Soft" blocking policies are new for version 6 along with the ability to partially customize the blocking and warning page.

Firewall – You can now create firewall rules directly from the log or IDS notification window and assign profiles to network interfaces.

A new Botnet protection – helps discover malware through analyzing its network communication patterns and protocols.

Device Control – Now includes the ability to determine device type and serial number, and to define single rules for multiple devices.

A new Smart mode for HIPS – is placed between Automatic and Interactive mode. Ability to identify suspicious activities and malicious processes in the system.

Updater/Mirror improvements – You can now resume failed downloads of module updates.

New approach to remote manageability for your computers with ESET Remote Administrator – Resend logs in the case of an ERA reinstall or for testing, remote install ESET security solutions, get an overview of the security state of your networked environment and sort various data for later use.

User Interface improvements – Adds the one-click option to run a manual update of the detection engine and modules from the Windows System Tray. Support for touch-screens and high resolution displays.

Improved detection and removal of third-party security solutions.

New functionality

Anti-Phishing – protects you from attempts to acquire passwords and other sensitive information by restricting access to malicious websites that impersonate legitimate ones.

Scanning speed improvements – using shared local cache in virtualized environments.

Detection & Protection technologies

Improved installation speed and reliability.

Advanced memory scanner – Monitors process behavior and scans malicious processes when they decloak in memory.

Enhanced Exploit blocker – Designed to fortify commonly exploited application types such as web browsers, PDF readers, email clients and MS Office components. Exploit blocker now supports Java and helps improve detection and protection from these kind of vulnerabilities.

Improved detection and removal of rootkits.

Vulnerability shield – More advanced filtering options to detect various types of attacks and vulnerabilities.

Idle state scanner – Performs a silent scan on all local drives when your computer is in idle state.