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You can find groups of available protection features in the main program window > Setup.


When creating a policy from ESET PROTECT Web Console you can select the flag for each setting. Settings with the Force flag have priority and cannot be overwritten by a later policy (even if the later policy has a Force flag). This assures that this setting will not be changed (e.g. by user or by later policies during merging). For more information see Flags in ESET PROTECT Online Help.


The Setup menu contains the following sections:



Web and Email

When ESET PROTECT policy is applied, you will see the lock icon MODULE_LOCKED next to a specific component. The policy applied by ESET PROTECT can be overridden locally after authentication by logged user (e.g. administrator). For more information see the ESET PROTECT Online Help.


All protective measures disabled this way will be re-enabled after a computer restart.

Additional options are available at the bottom of the setup window. Click Advanced setup to configure more detailed parameters for each module. Use Import/Export settings to load setup parameters using an .xml configuration file, or to save your current setup parameters to a configuration file.