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Product updates

The Product updates section contains options related to the product updates. The program enables you to predefine its behavior when a new product updates are available.

Product updates bring new features or makes changes to those that already exist from previous versions. It can be performed automatically without user intervention, or you can choose to be notified. After a product updates have been installed, a computer restart may be required.

Auto-updates—Pausing auto-updates for specific update profiles temporarily disables automatic product updates while connected to the internet using other networks or metered connections. Keep this setting enabled to have constant access to the latest features and the highest possible protection. For more information on Auto-updates, see Auto-updates FAQ.

By default, product updates are downloaded from ESET repository servers. In large or offline environments, the traffic can be distributed to allow internal caching of the product files.

arrow_down_business Define custom server for program component updates


Selecting the most appropriate option depends on the workstation where the settings will be applied. There are differences between workstations and servers – for example, restarting the server automatically after a product update can cause significant damage to your company.