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Category groups

The Category groups window is divided into two parts. The left part of the window contains a list of Category groups.

  • Add—Click to create a new Category group.
  • Edit—Click to edit an existing Category group.
  • Remove—Select and click if you want to remove an existing Category group from the list of Category groups.

The right part of the window contains a list of categories and subcategories. Select a category in the Category list to display its subcategories. Each group contains adult and/or generally inappropriate subcategories as well as categories considered generally acceptable. When you open the Category groups window and click the first group, you can add or remove categories/subcategories from the list of appropriate groups (for example Violence or Weapons). Web pages with inappropriate content can be blocked and users can be informed when accessing a blocked web page.

Select the check box to add or remove a subcategory to a specific group.


Here are some examples of categories that users might not be familiar with:

  • Miscellaneous—Usually private (local) IP addresses such as intranet,, etc. When you get a 403 or 404 error code, the website will also match this category.
  • Not resolved—This category includes web pages that are not resolved because of an error when connecting to the Web control database engine.
  • Not categorized—Unknown web pages that are not yet in the Web control database.
  • Proxies—Web pages such as anonymizers, redirectors or public proxy servers can be used to obtain (anonymous) access to web pages that are usually prohibited by the Web control filter.
  • File sharing—These web pages contain large amounts of data such as photos, videos or e-books. There is a risk that these sites contain potentially offensive material or adult content.


You can report a wrong categorization of an URL.


A subcategory can belong to any group. There are some subcategories that are not included in pre-defined groups (for example, Games). To match a desired subcategory using Web control filter, add it to your desired group.