Working with the EEI Web Console

The EEI Web Console is accessible from any device with a compatible web browser.



Do not use "Administrator" user account used during the installation process for logging into EI Console. Create a new dedicated user account with proper permission settings.

Log in to the Web Console using the user credentials defined in ESET PROTECT account settings. It is also possible to log in as a domain user with access to the ESET PROTECT by selecting the check box next to Log into Domain. There is also the possibility to use two-factor authentication

First Log In

At the first login, the pop-up window with the title "Select which new Enterprise Inspector detection rules will be enabled." shows up.

Here is preselected the option that was selected during the installation process. Showed up for the user if he wants to keep what was selected during the installation process or change the selection for a more suitable option based on the user's environment.

A more precise description of the options can be found here.

If clicked the Ask Again Later button, the user will be asked again at the next login.


The following pop-up window with the title "Enable rule learning mode" shows up.

Learning mode automatically creates exclusions to adapt Enterprise Inspector to your network for a specified time. Any detection during learning mode is assumed to be a false positive and will create a corresponding exclusion after the time period. Before the end of the learning period, exclusions are not visible.

When clicking the Select Computers button, a new pop-up window shows up.



Select computers that you are sure are not be infected during the period of the learning mode. If malware is present on the computer that the learning mode is running on, the malware can be accidentally excluded from the detection by auto exclusion created during the learning process.

At the bottom, by default, the two weeks learning period is selected. Choose between one to three weeks.

After the learning period after midnight, new auto exclusions appear in the Admin->Exclusions tab. The user is asked to accept or reject the newly created exclusion in the Admin->Questions tab.


EEI Web Console interface overview

After logging in to the EEI web console, the user interface Dashboard appears. This section provides an overview of the different pages and functions available from the web console.


oAll Computers—Use the drop-down menu to view a list of groups of endpoints you have access to as an EEI Administrator. Click the Computers tab in that drop-down menu to see a list of computers of the selected group.

oHelp—Contains three submenus:

The first submenu redirects you to the help page for the current view. For example, when you are in the Dashboard section and watching the Detections tab, you can see the Dashboard - Detections - Help that is redirecting you to the Dashboard help page.

License—Opens the web page with License terms for EEI.

About—Shows the information about the version of EEI Server.

oUsername—Username of currently logged in user.

oLOGOUT—Shows the time remaining to the automatic logout. The initial timing is reset whenever clicking any button, tab, or submenu. Click Logout to leave the web console or to log in with a different username.

The menu on the left contains the  list of main sections of ESET Enterprise Inspector: