Troubleshooting - Web Console

This section will help you to troubleshoot the Web Console login error messages:

Error message

Possible solution

validation-status-icon-error Unexpected authorization error.

Contact Customer Care.

validation-status-icon-error Login failed. Invalid username or password.

Make sure you entered your username and password correctly.

validation-status-icon-error Login failed: Please contact technical support for further assistance.

Verify that database is running and there are no connection issues. If that's not the case, contact Customer Care.

validation-status-icon-errorLogin failed: Cannot connect to ESET PROTECT server host.

Verify that the ESET PROTECT server is running and there are no connection issues.



Since the Web Console uses a secure protocol (HTTPS), you may receive a warning in your web browser regarding an untrusted connection or a wrong security certificate (the exact wording of the message depends on the browser you use). This is because your browser wants you to verify the site's identity you are trying to access. If using Internet Explorer, click Continue to this website. If using Firefox, click Advanced > Add Exception... > Confirm Security Exception. In the case of Google Chrome, click Advanced > Proceed to xxxx (unsafe), while xxxx will be replaced with the name or IP address of the Web Console you tried to visit.  This only applies when trying to access the ESET Enterprise Inspector Web Console URL.