Here you can find a summary of the task.

Name—the name of the task

Author—the name of the user that was logged in at the time of the task creation

Created—the time when was the task created

Status—these four possible statuses are shown:




oPending—for performance reasons the maximum amount of running tasks at once is set to 10, so all other tasks over 10 have status pending. This limit will be configurable in the future releases

Groups/Computers—list of selected Groups/Computers

Time frame—the time range of detections, that this task is executed on

Detections—the number of Detections that was triggered by this task

Detection limit—the limit of Detections that can be triggered by this task

Rules—the list of rules used in this task. If you click the rule name, you are redirected to the Rule details

Comment—the comment text for the task (if used; otherwise None)