ESET PROTECT Win/macOS Deployment

ESET PROTECT Windows deployment

1.Log in to the ESET PROTECT with proper rights (ESET PROTECT Admin rights or ask ESET PROTECT Admin to create and deploy agents for you if you don't have sufficient rights).

2.Navigate to COMPUTERS. You can deploy the agent in two possible ways:

a.On one computer.

b.On a group of computers.

3.Click the desired computer and choose New Task...

4.Fill in the desired Name, Description, in Task Category you can keep All Tasks, in Task select Software Install. Then, click Settings in the left menu or the Continue button at the bottom of the window.

5.Choose a proper license. You need to activate EEI Agent with an "Enterprise Inspector" license or "Enterprise Inspector and Endpoint Security" license. Click here to manage the license for EEI.

6.Choose whether you want to install EEI Agent from the repository or specify the URL path to the installer (32-bits or 64-bits, depending on the operating system).

7.Fill in the Installation parameters field. You can use the same parameters as in Installation from a command line, or you can leave it blank (it will be installed without CA, and EEI Server address will be "localhost". You can change this by creating a Policy with EEI Server address and CA. For a Policy in the ESET PROTECT, click here or ask ESET PROTECT Administrator to create a policy for you). Click Finish.

8.For creating a task for the group of computers click the gear icon next to the name of the group of computers in COMPUTERS tab and follow step 3.

9.If the task is already created, you can rerun it on another computer or group of computers. See Client Tasks executions.


The easiest way to install the agent through a deployment is to use these parameters:




ESET PROTECT macOS Deployment

You can follow the procedure as for Windows deployment, but don't use any additional parameters.

It is necessary to configure the agent correctly. The best way is to do it through policy:

1.In ESET PROTECT, go to Computers.

2.Go to details of the desired Mac computer and click on the Configuration.

3.Click Request Configuration, and from the list, choose ESET Enterprise Inspector Agent and click Open Configuration from the context menu.


4.Click the Convert to Policy button.

5.Fill in the Basic information as desired.

6.In the Settings window, fill the EEI Server IP address and port (by default 8093)

7.Choose the Certificate Authorities. Click Continue.

8.Assign the Mac computer you want to apply this policy to and click the Finish button.

From version macOS 10.14 onwards, in the ESET PROTECT computers alerts, you will receive the notification Enterprise Inspector doesn't have full disk access.

To fully functional EEI Agent, please grant full disk access.

Using MDM

To allow Full disk access remotely:

1.Download the .plist configuration file.

2.Generate two UUIDs with a UUID generator of your choice and use a text editor to replace strings with the text insert your UUID 1 here and insert your UUID 2 here in the downloaded configuration profile.

3.Deploy the .plist configuration profile file using the MDM server.

Your computer needs to be enrolled in the MDM server to be able to deploy configuration profiles to those computers.

Manual Setting

1.Open Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy

2.Unlock settings in the lower-left corner

3.Click on “full disk access

4.Open Finder and go to Library > Application Support > ESET, where you will find the application ESET Enterprise Inspector

5.Drag & drop this app to the application list in the Full Disk Access folder and check-mark it. The same check-mark already should be there for ESET Endpoint Security.

6.Lock your settings.