The dashboard provides an at-a-glance overview of the network state concerning ESET Enterprise Inspector operation. It shows the timelines of detections (based on their severity), indicating whether the network is under a potential/existing attack or not, what kind of detections are triggered, or if a flood needs to be handled by tuning the detections.

It shows a hit-map of all discovered executables in the network, grouping them by network & LiveGrid® popularity, helping to filter out safe and well-known executables from the ones that might be unique and are not popular at all and which might indicate a targeted attack. It also shows executables with suspicious behavior grouped by the number of detections (total & unique) they have triggered.

The second view is “computer” centric and helps you identify the potentially risky computers or computers, indicating a kind of suspicious behavior worth further investigation.

Specific “executive overview” dashboard showing other statistics about various severities, priorities, the status of resolved/unresolved, connection status, events status, agent version status, and computer status is present as well.

There is also a server status that indicates whether the EEI environment is in normal health and all system services are running correctly, without excessive use of system resources.

These tabs are available:





5.Server Status

6.Events Load