The Events screen shows the list of all events that occurred on this computer.

Right-click process name or left click anywhere else on the row to bring up a context menu with the following options:

Details—Redirect to the Process Details

Details (new tab)—Same as details but in new tab

There is an option to change the sort order by clicking  the name of the desired column:

Timestamp—Sorted by the time of occurrence of the detection

Process—Sorted by the process name and PID of the process executing an action

Operation—Sorted by the name of the operation that the process executed

Argument—Sorted by the argument of the operation. For example, if a FileDelete operation was executed, this is the name of the file being deleted, with a path to it


There is a possibility to load events that are one minute older, one minute newer, one hour older, one hour newer by using the buttons at the bottom of the page or can use GO TO button that displays a window where you can type the date you want to review.

The buttons TO NEWEST and TO OLDEST takes you to the newest or oldest event.