Block Hashes

Here you can add SHA-1 hashes that you want to be blocked when they appear on monitored computers.

If you want only a detection to be triggered when the blocked hash appears but do not want to delete and quarantine the file, deselect the Clean & quarantine file check box.

When you are satisfied with added hashes and comments, click Admin_Blocked_Hashes_Add_Hashes_Block to add hash(es) to the list of blocked hashes or click Admin_Blocked_Hashes_Add_Hashes_Cancel to cancel the creation of blocking hashes.

A notification window appears where you can see the type (Trusted/Untrusted) and the number of hashes that are going to be blocked. You are asked to confirm the blocking of the hashes by clicking the Block button or clicking the Cancel button to cancel the creation of the blocking hashes.




Trusted hash/executable means that it is among whitelisted executables in Executables tab.

If you click Block, a new window appears informing you that the untrusted hash has been blocked. For blocking the trusted hash, you need to click the Block Trusted button to continue the trusted hash blocking process or click Done to block the untrusted hash.

If you clicked Block Trusted, a new window appears with the list of all trusted hashes. Now you can select those hashes you want to block, and if you also want to clean & quarantine them select the check box in the lower-left corner of the pop-up. Click Block Trusted to finish blocking the executable or click Cancel (this will bring you back to the start of the blocking process) to cancel progress.