ESET Security Management Center Permission Settings

In ESET Security Management Center (ESMC), it is necessary to create a Static Group (you can name it for example "EEI Users"), where security engineers have access and full permission rights.




For creating the following permission sets, you must use the built-in "Administrator" account that was created during the initial ESMC Server deployment because no other accounts can create these permission sets.

We recommend using predefined permission sets already present in ESMC. You can create custom permission sets (for instructions to create permission sets, see the Permission Sets Online Help topic).


For EI_SERVER_INSTALLER user, permission set should be:




The user with this permission set is recommended to be used during the installation process because if there is an error, logs with diagnostics data are created too, that will help to solve the problem better.


For EI_ADMIN webconsole access user, the permission set should be:



For EI_READ_ONLY webconsole access user, the permission set should be:




To access new terminal function in EEI, the user need another permission to be set. Follow